Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

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Key reasons why Michigan No-Fault Automobile and Motorcycle insurance is so important in Michigan.

Automobile insurance is mandatory in the State Of Michigan. It is unlawful to own and to operate that vehicle in the State Of Michigan without valid Michigan No-Fault Insurance.If you are an owner and the operator of a motor vehicle in the State of Michigan which is titled in your name, and you are involved in a motor vehicle accident-You as the owner, driver and operator of that vehicle may lose your rights to recover damages and benefits. Call our offices for a free consultation to determine whether you can recover No-Fault benefits if you had no insurance on your vehicle. If you are a owner, passenger or driver of an uninsured vehicle please call us to find out how to get No-Fault benefits and damages against the at fault driver. Contact our offices for a free consultation as whether you are entitled to sue for No-Fault Benefits and damages against the at fault driver. 313-389-2234 for a free consultation.

Motorcycle Insurance and No-Fault Benefits

If your motorcycle is involved in an accident involving a motor vehicle such as a car, bus, truck or other four wheel vehicle you may be eligable for No-Fault benefits and an action against the negligent party. You don’t have to have had actual contact with the four wheel vehicle, but it has to have been somehow “involved.” Warning-If you do not have motorcycle insurance on the date of the accident, you may lose your right to No-Fault benefits even if a four wheel vehicle was involved. Call our offices to for a free consultation as to how to receive No-Fault benefits and damages, if you have been injured in a Motorcycle accident. 313-389-2234 for a free consultation. Click on to Auto Insurance Attorneys for more information.