AV Peer Rated

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Bret A. Schnitzer is AV Peer Review Rated by Martindale-Hubbell. The AV Peer Review Rating by Martindale-Hubbell is the highest legal rating that may be achieved by an attorney in the United States Of America. The AV Peer Review Rating by Martindale Hubbell is the bench mark for Lawyer Ratings in the United States of America. The AV Peer Review Rating by Martindale-Hubbell For Bret A. Schnitzer means that at least 23 Michigan attorneys including two Chief Judges in good legal standing rated Bret A. Schnitzer on behalf of Martindale-Hubbell and officially gave Bret A. Schnitzer the highest ratings for Ethical Standards and Legal Ability for Personal Injury Law and litigation based upon:

1) Legal Knowledge
2) Analytical Capabilities
3) Judgment
4) Communication Ability
5) Legal Experience.

The AV Peer review ratings for Martindale-Hubbell include recommendations and reviews by the top four Martindale-Hubbell review board attorney members stating the Bret A. Schnitzer is:

1)”One of the Best, if not the best, auto accident/personal injury attorneys in Michigan”
2) “Mr. Schnitzer is an outstanding lawyer and a great person. He is one of the best attorneys I have ever known”
3) “He is exceptionally knowledgable and aggressive.”
4) “Bret is an outstanding Attorney”

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