Does The Lawyer Matter

Does The Lawyer Make The Difference?

by Bret Schnitzer

There is only one thing standing between you and the automobile accident recovery that you deserve. That is the insurance company and their legal staff. How do you even the playing field against a billion dollar insurance Corporation that makes its profits by paying as little as they can to claimants?

We all intuitively know the answer to that question “It’s your lawyer”.

What you have to ask then is how do you get a good Lawyer. Are slick television advertisements the way to go? How about big billboards with pretty pictures and slogans plastered to them? Maybe an unexpected letter, a knock on the door or telephone call after your accident telling you where to treat and what lawyer to hire? How about a big firm versus a small firm? Maybe none of these in your face solutions seems like the right way to go. Solicitation of your case is now big business in Michigan. Unexpected Knocks on your door and direct unsolicited telephone calls following an accident are not only obnoxious, but in Michigan they are actually improper conduct for attorneys to engage in.

What if I could show you hundreds of newspaper articles, endorsements, settlement agreements, settlement checks, verdict publications which show that the actual attorney that is going to handle your case has obtained outstanding results for clients just like you, for injuries just like yours? Accidents like yours? Not the firm or the advertiser, but the actual attorney that will be handling your case from start to finish? With a track record of Millions each year for victims just like you, for the past 25 plus years, you owe it to yourself to explore your options. We provide each client personalized legal representation and work to maximize their recovery. Call the Auto Accident lawyers at our firm for a free consultations. You owe it to yourself to make the call. The call is free and there is no fee until we collect damages for you. (313) 389-2234