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How to Select an Auto Accident Attorney

by Bret Schnitzer Call us at (313) 389-2234 for a free consultation.

When a person is involved in an auto accident, regardless of who is at fault, they need to consult with an experienced auto accident attorney who will have their best interests at heart. While many people simply glance through the phone book, or look at a billboard or television commercial to find an auto accident attorney, there are often serious questions you should ask prospective attorneys before making a final decision as to who will be representing you in a case that could impact your financial future.

The first set of questions that should be brought up should focus on the experience of the attorney. You should be well aware of the exact years that the attorney has been in practice as well as how long the practice has been established. For instance, Detroit Auto Accident Lawyersfirm provides clients with experienced attorneys who have at least 25 years’ experience in both auto accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents and injury cases. All of the attorneys are established with the practice so you will not be stuck with a rookie or an associate attorney who is brand new to the practice. With Detroit Auto Accident Lawyers, you will only get a highly experienced, well established attorney. In fact, the practice as a whole has had a proven track record with millions being recovered for accident victims.

Other questions that should be asked when you select a qualified accident attorney include asking if they have continually and exclusively practiced in the field of injury law or if they have bounced around from other areas of the law like criminal law, family law, general practice or even representing insurance companies. The answer is that The Detroit Auto Accident Lawyers, only represents injury victims and their families and that is all The Detroit Auto Accident Lawyers has done for over 25 years. The Detroit Auto Accident Attorneys attorneys help legal clients law for accident claims and nothing else. Not only are they highly experienced in the Michigan Auto Law and injury cases in general but they are all fully qualified to handle all aspects of your case, from negotiating a deal to going to trial and everything in between. The Schnitzer attorneys’ will be there from the beginning to the end of your case and everywhere in between. Ask your attorney how many cases he has tried before a jury to conclusion and to show you the results. The insurance companies know which attorneys can try a case and get the jury to award big damages and which ones can’t. Insurance companies will pay attorneys with a proven track record of large verdicts much more then those without a track record. The attorneys at Schnitzerlaw will be happy to show you one of their large rooms at the offices devoted to all the Jury verdicts and settlements that establish that the Detroit Auto Accident Lawyers has a track record of millions of dollars of recoveries. This will be part of the free consultation with The Detroit Auto Accident Lawyers. The newspaper articles and settlement amounts are proudly framed on the walls reflecting high settlements and verdicts spanning over two decades of six and seven figure settlements and verdicts.

Other questions that should be asked when you are looking for an auto accident attorney revolve around disciplinary actions. Whenever an attorney or practice does something that is unethical the Michigan state bar will know about it. When they are reported, an investigation is started with disciplinary action to follow. Detroit Auto Accident Lawyers have never been even investigated to the state board. They have a spotless reputation of helping their clients get the representation they need in their accident claims. This is one of the most important questions to ask any law firm when shopping around for a qualified attorney to represent you. There is no real way to fully trust your attorney if you know they have had issues in the past with the bar association that would suggest they have an unethical law practice. With Detroit Auto Accident law firm, you do not need to worry about any past or present legal problems associated with the entire firm and all of the attorneys who practice within the firm. While addressing the issue of ethical conduct, a law firm is not allowed to directly solicit a client except by mail. In other words if you received a call out of no where by a lawyer or their agent, that is called solicitation and is not ethical conduct. If this occurs to you, you should seek another attorney to represent you. That is unethical conduct and if an attorney is willing to do that, clearly that is not an attorney you want in your corner.

Other questions should have to do with the payment that is expected from the attorney. Most people assume that all lawyers require payment up front, but when it comes to auto and injury attorneys like those found in the Detroit Detroit Auto Accident Lawyers law firm, they do not collect any payment until you have received a settlement for your case. In other words, they offer all clients a free consultation as well as offering a no-fee guarantee—no attorney fees until we collect for you. This ensures that the attorney on your case will fight for you to the best of their ability since they do not collect unless you do. With attorneys like the ones at Detroit Auto Accident Lawyers who are not getting paid until you do, you can be assured that they will do everything they can to recover as much for you as you are entitled to receive. Call the Detroit Auto Accident Lawyers at (313) 389-2234 for a free consultation. You will be glad you did.