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Detroit Auto Accident

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Detroit, Michigan is like any other big metropolis. Trucks are rushing everywhere with company agendas in mind and sometimes their minds are not on their driving or the way in which others are driving. This leaves drivers and pedestrians alike at high risk for injury on the road. Whether one is on a motorcycle, in a car, van, or truck, or is just walking in a legal zone of the roadway and being injured because of a truck drivers negligent behavior. In Detroit and Downriver, accident victims will need to call a good Downriver auto accident attorney to assist them through the process of being a victim of an truck accident. Additionally, even without negligence by another in Michigan if you are injured in a truck accident you should be entitled to No-Fault benefits. Even if you were totally at fault you are still entitled to No-Fault benefits under established Michigan law. A lot of people do not know this reality of the Michigan no-Fault Statute. “No-Fault” means just that, if you are injured in a truck accident it does not matter whether you are “at fault” or not. You can be entitled to wage loss, household services, attendant care and even lifetime medical treatment if warranted no matter whether you were “at fault” or not.

If you have been involved in truck accident in Detroit or Downriver causing personal injury you should contact one of the best attorneys in the area, The Law Offices of Bret A. Schnitzer, P.C. The fine lawyers at Schnitzerlaw will be ready to advise you and take care of your every need regarding the truck accident. Downriver, Michigan consists of at nineteen communities and they are as follow: Allen Park, Brownstown Township,orse, Flat Rock, Gibraltar, Grosse Ile, Huron Charter Township, Lincoln Park, Melvindale, River RougeAllen Park, Brownstown Township,, Riverview, Rockwood, Romulus, Southgate, Taylor, Trenton, Woodhaven and Wyandotte. Schnitzerlaw and it’s fine attorneys service each one of these areas as well as throughout the Greater Detroit area, Detroit and extensively throughout the State of Michigan.

When an insurance policy policy holder is involved in a personal injury truck Accident there are some things that insurance companies would just as soon not let anyone know. The reason for contacting an attorney right away are many and one reason is simply because, evidence can be lost as each day passes without an attorney at your side. Also, many insurance companies adjusters are not above trickery or other unfair and unjust methods to reduce their insurance carriers responsibility in in an accident case.

The very first thing that many insurance companies will do in a serious truck accident is to send out an investigator to the accident scene. They will interview all witnesses. They will also call the victim’s home and try to interview the victim and tape record the conversation. Those involved in the accident should know that they should just decline an interview until their Auto Accident Attorney is present from Schnitzer Law. It stands to reason that these adjusters are working for the insurance company only and will try to decrease their liability in the accident. Never, ever consent to any recorded statements without a Schnitzerlaw Attorney being present.

Another important factor is to get checked out by the hospital, because even if you think that you are not suffering from a serious injury at the time, you may be wrong and that minor discomfort may manifest in a few days or weeks into a serious medical condition. If you get no treatment at all for what you think are minor injuries, then by the time you find out the medical problems are serious, you may have unwittingly given the insurance company a defense to the medical part of your case. What you may initially think are minor injuries can in some cases be serious enough to permanently decrease quality of life and interfere with your ability to provide for yourself or your family. If you get immediate medical treatment and the problems go away after a few weeks than you are safe. If they get worse or are more serious injuries then you first thought, then you are protected if you seek treatment for them. We will also make sure your hospital bills get taken care of if you retain our law firm.

The offices of Bret A. Schnitzer, P.C., work with each client on a strictly individual basis, and will try to get the most out of your particular case. Mr. Schnitzer will accompany anyone to state or federal court in Michigan. They will take cases against corporations and insurance companies, negligent drivers and businesses. Schnitzer Law offices works diligently to protect the rights of the victim and never works to support the insurance companies.

At the time of the truck accident it needs to be reported to the State Police Department of Michigan at the Downriver station.

First call, as soon as possible at the accident scene:

Michigan State Police Department
1211 Telegraph Road in Taylor, Michigan
Telephone (734) 287-5050

Alternatively, you can also contact the City Police in whichever City you are in to report the accident. You can make the police report with either the State Police or the City Police where your injury occurred. If you are downriver, the police department to contact would be in Allen Park, Brownstown Township, Ecorse, Flat Rock, Gibraltar, Grosse Ile, Huron Charter Township, Lincoln Park, Melvindale, River Rouge , Riverview, Rockwood, Romulus, Southgate, Taylor, Trenton, Woodhaven and Wyandotte. Find out what Downriver city you are in if you do not know, and call the police in that City to report your accident. Dial 911 for an emergency to get connected to your local police station.

Second telephone call should be to:
Bret A Schnitzer, P.C.
3334 Fort Street
Lincoln Park, Mi 48146
Telephone (313) 389-2234

Please be aware that our attorneys’ believe in providing each individual client with personal and individual legal assistance, while recovering money damages that is rightfully our client’s to receive.